Choosing the Right Xbox 360 Hard Drive for You!

Choosing the right Xbox 360 Hard Drive size is extremely important in finding a powerful gaming and multimedia experience. Whether you are an avid gamer continually downloading games and add-in’s by way of Xbox live, or a multimedia junky staying in touch about the most up-to-date movies and shows…your going to need the proper hard drive to keep up with the demand.

xbox 360 hard drive 250gb

Choosing the appropriate Xbox 360 Hard Drive size is very important in finding a strong game playing and media experience. Whether you are an avid gamer constantly downloading games and add-in’s via Xbox live, or a multimedia junky keeping up about the newest movies and shows…your going to need the correct hard drive to keep up with the demand.

But exactly how much is too much, and what size is just right for you?

In this post I’m going to break down the average demands for various types of Xbox 360 users. This will help you in selecting the proper Xbox 360 console and/or hard drive for your needs.

Without further adieu, here goes!

1. The Regular Gamer

You play a few hrs per week and discover yourself viewing a movie or two on occasion. Maybe you have the new Kinect Sensor and play games with your family on occasion. For this kind of gamer, the 4GB slim console will meet bare minimum expectations. However, if this gamer chooses to download titles from Xbox Live, they will need to upgrade to a 20GB or 60GB slim in order to sufficiently save their games and content.

2. The Serious Gamer

This gamer purchases each of the hottest new releases, downloads each and every additional map pack, and plays for several hrs each week. This gamer needs the 250GB hard drive found in the more expensive slim model. The 250GB drive will support all of their demands, and leave them happy throughout the lifespan of their console. They will also gain additional room to download videos, including previews of upcoming games.

3. The Media Enthusiast

Xbox live is a genuine media phat pipe. Whether you are using Hulu Plus or Netflix to stream your preferred movies or shows, or downloading full movies off of Xbox live, then chances are you need to have a lot of space to store some content.

For such a gamer I would suggest the 120GB drive at the very bare minimum. This drive will support many video downloads without breaking a sweat. If you don’t go larger, after awhile you will find the need to manage your videos, and erase extra unused content in favor of newer videos.

The optimal Drive for this person would be the 320GB found in certain special edition slim consoles or is available for sale separately. This drive would support the most content, and virtually eliminate the need to manage and delete old videos. This is actually the top recommendation for the Multimedia Enthusiast.

There you have it, a definitive guide to selecting the most appropriate console for you. As always, if you have any questions or want more information, please contact us at and checkout our Xbox 360 Deals page for more information.

Have a great day!

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